HAT COLLECTION 2015 MAN in colours

Man´s hat collection „Man in colours“ by LADA is based on superior quality furfelt technology, simple but sophisticated shape and soft colours with original details.

Main detail is way of decoration, changed into rigorous graphic lines. It is based on classic man shaped and decoration with ribbons. These traditional details, changed to hole linies, makes imaginal ribbons, define shape or create text. It is hand made.

Hats are simple but exactly shaped to be stable and comfortable. With printed sweatband with contrast furbellow.

LADA´s hats are made in cooperation with czech company Tonak a.s., worldwide best quality furfelt producer.

„I was inspered by 200years old technology in Tonak company. Their extremly sophisticated industrial process, classic man´ s hat shape and hand made decoration fascinated me. I based my collection on this three points, but I move it to very simple graphic forms. Soft shades, simple design and perforated lines leave big space for excellent material quality. You can see and touch perfection.“

MAN 1 Blue

MAN 2 Brown

MAN 3 Pink

MAN 4 Gray